Internal Grinding Spindles (Belt Driven)

‘MAHNOT GRINDAGE INDUSTRIES’ Pioneer in Manufacturing and designing ‘INTERNAL GRINDING SPINDLES’ have developed various types of Spindles to suit your requirements up to 80,000  R.P.M or more.

While manufacturing, care is taken to select High Class Material to maintain its original precision. Four or more Super Precision Bearings with Accurate Preloading & Calibration make these Spindles matchless in quality and suitable for heavy Duty Precision Grinding Operations.

Each Spindle is Dynamically balanced and Assembled with Special Grease for High Speed & Life and undergoes Rigorous Run-Test. They are suitable for Internal, Thread; Profile; flute; Surface and Tool & Cutter Grinding operations They are a combination of High Speed Spindle Technology + Grinding Technology.

For any grinding machine you can choose Mahnot Spindle up to One Lac R.P.M. by selecting Diameter, Length & RPM to suit your machine and components.

For Example :- Any Spindle Diameter (Whether 20mm or 30mm or 80mm or 100mm) can be procured in different R.P.M. Ranges – such as 60,000; 50,000; 42,000; 35,000, 28,000; 25,000; 22,000; 19,000; 14,000; 10,000; 6,000; & 3,000 and less; in Grease Lubrication. The Speed can be increased by 10 to 20% in case of Oil Mist Lubrication